Talk About Local Unconference 2016: hosted by BCU

Jazz and Everyday Aesthetics

Encoding and Visualising Survey Data Using R

Automatic Data Collection and (some!) Processing

BCU to host Talk About Local Unconference 2016

‘Against Erasure’ Plenary Lecture at The Centre for Sex, Gender and Sexualities

The future Space of bookselling conference (University of Bangor June 3rd – 4th 2016)

Harkive API and Data Visualisation

RubberDoll and the Queer art of Failure, AAG 2016, San Francisco

Examining the impact of social media on advertising streams in community radio stations: Kickstarting Media Symposium

Taking the digital out of digital ethnography

BSA Media Study Group: Gender, Crime and Media Seminar – report

Access and inequality in community media

What is Media? #Experience #Exploration #Emergence

Presenting sexting work at Im/mobile Youth: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Spatial and Temporal Change in Young People’s Lives, University of Manchester