Kinktrepreneurship at Queer at Queens, Belfast.

International Ethnography Symposium – University of Manchester

Reflections on my participation in the “Boundaries and Ties” International Metal Music Studies conference at the University of Victoria, Canada

Being Thelonious: Perspectives on Thelonious Monk at 100

Kinktrepreneurship and Social Media. AAG 2017, Boston USA

Grow Your Own Festival presents Surge in Spring at mac birmingham

Academic Archers, a different kind of conference.

A new book co-edited by Roger Fagge and Nic Pillai with contributions from colleagues across the UK.

Punk ‘zines-Transferring symbols of defiance from the print to the digital age?

Talk About Local Unconference 2016: hosted by BCU

Jazz and Everyday Aesthetics

Automatic Data Collection and (some!) Processing

BCU to host Talk About Local Unconference 2016

‘Against Erasure’ Plenary Lecture at The Centre for Sex, Gender and Sexualities

RubberDoll and the Queer art of Failure, AAG 2016, San Francisco