KISMIF 2018 Conference Report

Riffs: Producing a ‘zine-journal in day

Reggae Innovation Conference. Deadline for Call for Papers is Approaching- 23 February 2018. Please send your proposals to [email protected]

Punk Scholars Network 4th Annual International Conference and Post Graduate Symposium.

Experimental Approaches to Writing Research – Postgrad workshop

“At school they give you…….”

‘Equal Platforms’ Research Conference University of Gloucester

Grow Your Own Festival presents Surge in Spring at mac birmingham

BCMCR Music Data Hack #1

“From Protest to Resistance”: British anarcho-punk fanzines (1980-1984) as sites of resistance and symbols of defiance’

Call It Crass, but ‘There Is No Authority But Yourself’

Encoding and Visualising Survey Data Using R

Automatic Data Collection and (some!) Processing

Harkive API and Data Visualisation

Amateur Hour